TheSpeakEasy is still in it's infancy. In fact, it's not even open
to the public yet. One of our main goals is to become a place for artists of all media
to display their works and for art lovers to be able to come and enjoy
those works. For a full description of our goals please click here.

The basic frame of theSpeakEasy is under construction now and will be
accessible soon.What we need now is for the unknown artists of this wide world
to get in touch with us and help us help you. We will be choosing new material
to be showcased on a regular basis in the categories of:
Visual Art
Short Stories
Short films
Our goal is to give the unknown artists out there some exposure to the world.
We will not assist in the sales or purchase of any works displayed but we will
try to make it easy for the artists to be contacted if the artist so desires.
We WILL NOT display any sexually explicit material. Some will argue
over it's inclusion to the field of art but we want to be an upbuilding place where
people of all ages can come and enjoy the view.
We are currently working on the best way for those of you to submit your work.

The best media for you to send visual, audio, and text is on 3.5" disk
or burned on CD. Video is best burned on to CD but if you have no access to
this media, it would be best on VHS video tape for pre-viewing. If it is used we'll
give you an e-mail address to send the file.

Send all entries to:
2439 S 11th St.
Suite B
Niles, MI 49120

Best formats to be sent:
Visual Art and Photography:
.MP3 or .WAV(stereo if possible)
.WPD .WPS and .TXT
Video: MPEG or Quicktime Movie

If you have no way of transfering your work to
a computer format, the following ways will work.

Visual Art and Photography: Please do not send original art! If you
have photographs of your work, please send prints. Do not send negatives.

Music: Please send on CD or High Grade cassette tapes. No originals.

Text: Please try to get these transfered to disk!! If you CAN'T do it,
send them typed or written.

Video: As mentioned above you may send these on VHS video tape
for us to see, but if your work is chosen, we have no way of
transfering video. You would at that time need to e-mail the entire file
to us. Do not send originals! Do not e-mail files until contacted by us.


If nothing above works for you, contact us by e-mail
and we'll try to work something out.


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