Missing Link

Actually, a missing link is a link on one of our pages that is supposed to take you to another page or site, but is no longer active.

If you want to join the mall,
click here or on the "Join Our Community/Become an Aardvark" icon below in the navigation bar. Mention in your "Missing Link" E-mail that you have just joined today, and we will be sure to add you to the drawing TWICE! (Once for joining and once for reporting a Missing Link)

Meet a Missing Link...
He's not very nice to have hanging around on a Web Site.

We have gone to great lengths to make your visit to Aardvark Avenue the most enjoyable Internet experience possible. Unfortunately, this guy loves to annoy Internet Surfers by showing his ugly little head when all YOU want to do is link to another page or site. Help us combat this abrasive villain by reporting him whenever he shows up. REMEMBER: If you are an Aardvark Avenue Member and you report a missing link, you are added to the current daily, weekly, or monthly drawing here at the mall.

- Here's what you do. -

Simply send us an E-mail at info@aardvarkavenue.com . Include the name(destination) and location(title of the page) of the offending link.
If you have joined the mall and become an Aardvark, don't forget to include your Name and Aardvark Number.

Enjoy your stay at Aardvark Avenue and have a great day!

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