Ardie The Aardvark

Ardie Aardvark,
The head of recruiting at Aardvark Avenue. He's VERY excited about writing his first WebPage.


When YOU
Become an Aardvark...

You'll walk with a spring in your step!

It'll never rain when you go on a picnic!

And the IRS won't ever audit you!
(well, okay. we made that up.)













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Become An Aardvark Today!
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Joining Aardvark Avenue and actually becoming an Aardvark means that YOU will...

  • Get our FREE monthly newsletter, The Aardvark Advisor! Featuring exclusive articles, Internet tips and news, printed copies of The Advisor will probably be worth Thousands of Dollars someday, just like all those comic books your Mom threw away! (caution: Aardvarks exaggerate a little bit)

  • Have access to ALL areas of our stunning new Entertainment Site, theSpeakEasy! What'll be there? Two original comic strips ... humorous articles about current events ... reviews of the latest movies, books, music; as well as plenty of opportunities for YOU to speak out and share your talents with the world. theSpeakEasy will be open for business this Summer! (Click here to find out more about it.)

  • Be eligible to win a Mystery Gift (awarded Weekly)!

...and we'll be adding even more advantages soon!

Becoming an Aardvark
is FREE and EASY!
Here's How to Do It.....

E-mail your Name, E-mail Address, and (if you have a moment) How you found Aardvark Avenue to
with the subject line of "I Want to Be an Aardvark"

Just Fill Out This Form...

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That's it!
An e-mail explaining your membership and it's perks will be in your mailbox soon.

Just for becoming an Aardvark,
you'll be registered in our Weekly Mystery Gift Drawing!

Want to find out another way to register for the prizes?
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