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  Here at Aardvark Avenue, we realize that most folks on the Internet are concerned about "Security". Nobody wants their credit card numbers, personal data or shoe size to be passed on to the wrong people. So here's some facts about the Internet that you should know:

* About "cookies": Cookies are little pieces of information that a WebSite sends your browser so that it can tell when you've been there before, and figure out where you went the last time. There are some concerns that cookies can be used to store personal information, but you don't have to worry about it here because Aardvark Avenue is "cookie-free"! However, you can turn the "cookies" option off in your browser, if you've got a problem with them. Just click on the "Help" in your browser, and type in "cookies" in the index.

* "Secure" WebPages: A "secure" WebPage means that any information you type in and send to the WebSite can't be read by anybody inbetween, like the "hackers" we hear so much about. (If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can tell if a WebPage is secure because you'll see a little yellow lock in the lower right hand corner of your screen.) You don't need to worry about "secure" pages here at Aardvark Avenue, because our WebPages won't ask for your credit card number, phone number, social security number, or anything like that.

In fact, the only thing we want from you is your Name and E-mail address, so you can
Become an Aardvark! (click here to find out why you should) If you're nervous about giving out your e-mail address, head over to HotMail or Excite! and get an e-mail address from them. It's anonymous and FREE!

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