Aardvark Avenue is proud to be

a Family Friendly Site!

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Here at Aardvark Avenue, we are proud of the fact that we have created this
site with intention of all being welcome.  We want you to feel safe knowing that
your children will not be exposed to "Adults Only" content.  We do not allow listings
or advertisements from companies or sites that display, promote, or sell
any of the following...

Sexually Explicit Material
Harsh Language
Tobacco Products

Illegal Activity

We hope you enjoy your visits to Aardvark Avenue.  If you at any time feel we are
not keeping true to this pledge, please go to our Suggestion Box and let us know.
If you find a site listed in our mall that does not fit the above mentioned requirements,
PLEASE let us know immediately! 

Thank you,
the Aardvark Avenue staff.

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